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What's new as of 24 Jun 2008

Note: I'm putting a new site up at http://technical.silverglass.org/. If you want current information, please head there. This site will eventually be replaced by a more modern one based on the new site.

Well, you've managed to arrive at my home page. This grew out of a bunch of pages on how to configure RedHat Linux 5.1 for use with my ISP, and got expanded through a combination of my wanting a place to hold my collection of links so I could get at them no matter where I was at the moment and the desire to vent my spleen on a few subjects ( plus the arrogance to think that anyone else cares ).

Why Silverglass? Well, that's a long story dating back to around 1981 or so. It was originally going to be the name of the organization in a role-playing game I was setting up. Over the years it's morphed into various forms, but the name and the basic concept remained: a small group who collect information, in whatever form and by whatever means, and make sure it gets to where it's needed. Preferrably while turning a profit in the process.

Link This used to be a link to RedHat Linux configuration. I've dropped the link since I'm not using RedHat anymore and the information's pretty outdated and doesn't apply to modern Linux distributions. I'm going to update it to be more generic and relevant to the Debian Linux setup I'm using now.

Link Code snippets, C++ classes, useful scripts and other bits of programming I've done.

Link Various interesting links I've collected.

Link Quotes from various sources that I thought, for one reason or another, were interesting enough to save.

Link My rants on various subjects. Some people find them interesting, some are bored to tears by them, and some think they're evidence I'm very very strange ( I'm a computer programmer, I thought that was sort of a given ).

Link One of the areas I'm interested in is anthropomorphic creatures. If you want to know a bit more, I've collected some information you can look at.

Link Who am I? Well, here's some personal information if you're incredibly interested. This includes a photo and my resume.

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Note: Due to Unisys being idiots (again) about their patent on LZW compression, all GIF images served from my directories have been removed from these pages and replaced with PNG images. If you are using a browser that does not handle the PNG format correctly, I suggest you upgrade to one that does.

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